Five-axis machining center

CLU250 - Five-axis machining center

Description and Accessories

Good C/P ration (cost/performance)
integrated with A- and C-axis rotary-&-tilting table, a C-frame 3-axis machining center is upgraded to 5-face machining capability, an economical choice for complicated but middle- or small-sized workpiece.
Stable structure rigidity
the columns and the machine base are designed with wide spans, and the motor mount, the bearing mount and the casting iron are of one-piece design which greatly increase the integral rigidity.
High efficiency
linear guideways for 3 axes are of roller-type, with the characteristics of the fast traverse, low friction coefficient and high rigidity. The rapid traverse to X- and Y-axis is up to 36 m/min.
High-performance spindle
the high-speed direct-drive spindle, 15Krpm, as a standard spindle, with 9/15KW spindle motor, can meet various machining demands.

Avoiding from the cumulative deviations resulting from multi machining procedures, it can greatly shorten the machining time to practically achieve high-speed, high-accuracy and high-efficiency requirements.
For the deeper machining on the die-&-mold, it will be easier to find and to set the tools at its suitable angle and position, and obviously shorten the clamping length on the tool by which obtains the optimal cutting efficiency and accuracy.

Standard Accessories

1. FANUC 0iMF Controller
2. 15000 rpm, BT40 in line spindle
3. 24T, arm type ATC
4. Rotary Encoder for rotary axis
5. Spindle oil air lubrication device
6. Spindle cooling system
7. Centralized automatic lubrication system
8. Air blast through spindle taper
9. Cutting coolant system
10. Full enclosed splash guard 
11. Washing gun & air gun
12. Coolant tank & coolant flushing system
13. Steel belt type chip conveyor
14. Oil skimmer 
15. Working lamp
16. 3-color signal lamp
17. Heat Exchange 
18. Foundation pads & bolts kits
19. Tool kits
20. Leveling feet
21. Operation manuals, PLC& electrical circuit diagrams
23. Machine built in compliance with CE regulations

Optional Accessories

1. 32 tools, arm type ATC
2. 3-axis Linear Scales
3. Scraper type chip conveyor
4. Air through spindle system 
5. Coolant through spindle system (30/70 bar)
6. Cutting oil mist cooling device
7. Oil mist collection device
8. Automatic tool length measurement system
9. Automatic workpiece measurement system
10. Transformer


Download Datasheet
UM Value
Axes (FANUC OiMF) 4+1
X-Axis mm 860
Y-Axis mm 520
Z-Axis mm 610
Range (A/C) +30° - 110°/360°
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 65 - 675
Table size mm Ø 255
Max load of table kg 200
T-Slot (width x pitch x number) mm 12 x 90 x 4
Spindle type In-linea
Max spindle speed rpm 15000
Motor power kW 7,5 / 15
Spindle taper BT40
Rapid traverse (X-Y-Z) m/min 36 / 36 / 36
Cutting feedrate m/min 12
Table diameter mm Ø 255
Allowed rotation of the C axis gradi 360
C-axis positioning accuracy seconds ± 10
Rotation speed rpm 16.6
Rotating torque Nm 342
Allowed rotation of the A axis gradi + 30° - 110°
A-axis positioning accuracy seconds ± 10
Rotation speed rpm 16.6
Rotating torque Nm 720
ATC Type Arm type
Tool holder capacity nr. 24
Max. tool diameter mm 75 / 120
Max dimension of tool mm 250
Max tool weight kg 7
Refrigerant tank capacity l 300
Pneumatic pressure kgf/cm² 6
Electrical power consumption kVA 40
Machine net weight kg 6700
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2660 x 2160 x 3300

Manuals and media