Band Saws Manual descent

BF-712-SC - Band Saws Manual descent

Description and Accessories

Ref. 421293000
Quick action clamping vise
Fixed headstock. Swivel vise 45º
Coolant pump
Descent by hydraulic piston
Easy cutting angle adjustment
Automatic stop when cut is finished
Blade guide on ball bearings
Emergency switch

Standard Accessories

Saw blade for testing

Optional Accessories

Saw blades dim. 2360x0,9x19
z 4/6 dim. U/E 2 Ref. 421282000
z 5/8 U/E 2 Ref. 421284000
z 6/10 U/E 2 Ref. 421186000
z 8/12 U/E 2 Ref. 421288000
z 10/14 U/E 2 Ref.421290000
z 14 U/E 2 Ref.421292000


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UM Value
Voltage V/Hz 230/50
Power Kw 0,75
Speed rpm 34-41-59-98
Cutting capacity 90° round/rect./square mm 180/180x300/--
Cutting capacity 45° round/rect./square mm 110/110x180/--
Vice opening mm 300
Blade size mm 2360x0,9x20
Weight Kg 145/175
Dimensions mm 1260x460x1080

Manuals and media