Band Saws Manual descent

BF-200-SC - Band Saws Manual descent

Description and Accessories

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Swivel headstock 0-60º
Quick action clamping vise
Cooling system with double circuit
Descent by hydraulic piston or manual
Easy cutting angle adjustment
Automatic stop when cut is finished
Blade guides on double ball bearing train
Emergency switch
Blade tension limit switch
Safety switch

Standard Accessories

Saw blade for testing

Optional Accessories

Saw blades dim.2085x0,9x20
z 4/6 U/E 2 Ref. 421182000
z 5/8 U/E 2 ref. 421184000
z 6/10 U/E 2 ref. 421186000
z 8/12 U/E 2 ref. 421188000
z 10/14 U/E 2 ref.421190000
z 14 U/E 2 ref.421192000

Manuals and media